The Edges of His Ways

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The Hiddenness in Waiting

So much of waiting includes hiddenness. You feel hidden. Your way feels hidden. God feels hidden.

We live in a world that’s wired to investigate and uncover what’s hiding in order to expose a wrong or put a noteworthy thing on display. We only like mystery if we can solve it and figure it out, and we become easily frustrated with a mystery we aren’t capable of figuring out or, even worse, we are not in control of when the…

Stand Still

The Oxford dictionary defines an unsung hero as, “a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution; a person whose bravery is unknown or unacknowledged.” 

Life is full of unsung heroes, people who will never be recognized fully or at all for the vital contributions they’ve made. An unsung hero is basically the opposite of that person who is always trying to “toot they’re own horn”, (I have to say I’ve never written that phrase out, and it looks kind…

A Hopeful Invitation

Have you ever been at the end of your rope, so to speak?

I know I have.

I’m not sure what picture comes to mind for you when you hear that saying, but for me I envision someone frantically pulling a rope towards themselves in the hopes that something promising would be attached to it. But to the person’s dismay, they not only come to the dissapointing end of the rope, they also find that whatever “thing” they hoped was attached…

The Five Most Powerful Words

I haven’t been a counselor for very long but in the short time I’ve been practicing, the majority of clients I’ve worked with have endured some really traumatic experiences in their lives.

It never ceases to amaze me how we never know what another person has gone through. The lady checking you out at the grocery store, the business man in the three-piece suit that you pass on the street who appears to have it all together, the college student…

New Year:New Beginnings

I’ve had many interesting conversations this year, but there seemed to be one topic in particular that would consistently come up. With each person I spoke with or in each class I attended this conversation would be wrapped in a different set of circumstances, but the principle always remained the same.

As Christians doing our very best to walk “in-step” with God, it seems we are constantly struggling to discern the meaning behind God’s restraint in our lives.

He seems to withhold direction, provision,…

How Will I Know?

Do we have any Whitney Houston fans in the house?

I mean how could you not? With iconic songs like, “I will always love you”, and “I have nothing”, it would be impossible not to belt it out, (with a lot less skill, of course).

Anyways, one of Whitney’s greatest songs called, “How Will I Know”, (which I’m sure you’re all going to have stuck in your head now), is about a girl trying to figure out if this guy she’s into, really…

When You Feel Left Behind

Some of my biggest ah-huh moments have come in conversations with close friends.

A perfect example was in a recent conversation where my friend and I were exchanging stories (past and present) of when our paths seemed to be shrouded in mystery, and we had no clue what God had next for us.

You would think that in the presence of a lot of “great options” it would be easier to make an informed decision, but oftentimes it seems to complicate the decision-making…

Living in the Tension

Who like’s tension? Not me.

I would venture to say that when anyone hears the word “tension” we all cringe a little inside.

I was sitting in my Group Dynamics class yesterday where we are learning as future clinicians how to run a group therapy session. The professor opened up the class by handing out a colored wheel, known in the field of Psychology as a “feeling wheel”. The concept behind it is that when you are “checking-in” with your group,…

The Next Step

“Something happens when you feel ownership. You no longer act like a spectator or consumer, because you’re an owner. Faith is at it’s best when it’s that way too. It’s best lived when it’s owned.” -Bob Goff, Love Does
I couldn’t agree more with these words. This speaks of a life all-in; feet that have left the shore of what is comfortable, known, and predictable and embarked on a journey that is uncharted.

I’ve spent two amazing years in Southern California, and…

When Your Dream Seems Forgotten


I don’t know about you but I have had some dreams in my life that I felt had been looked over, neglected, and set aside to collect dust indefinitely. This article that I wrote for Propel women comes from a real place in my heart. I am still on the journey of watching God bring His purposes and plans to pass but I’m learning along the way that if we feel looked over and forgotten, we are actually in…