Letting Go

As some of you may have known I’ve had the privilege from time to time to contribute articles to various Christian online publications. One publication that is near and dear to my heart is Propel Women. When I lived in California I worked closely with this organization, and I love dearly the amazing crew of people who serve so selflessly day in and day out so women all around the globe can have a real encounter with Jesus.

In case you missed my most recent article from Propel Women, click here to read about my battle with letting go, and how ultimately I lost…but that it was the best thing that ever happened to me.




A More Powerful Yes

It’s been a busy season to say the least.

It’s not uncommon that Friday arrives and I can’t even remember how I got there. It’s like when you’re so deep in thought while you’re driving that you get a case of auto-pilot amnesia or something (totally just made that up), and can’t even remember how you got to your destination.

I’m sure all of us have experienced busy seasons, or just busy lives, and like me, you discover how difficult it is to be present in the moment because of being distracted by the thing you need to do next. I’ve always been the type of person that wants to “do it all”.  I want to think that I have some special superpower where I can effectively do a million tasks and also have a thriving social life.

The thing is, it’s not the busyness necessarily that’s the problem, but it’s an overestimation of what I’m really designed and called to do because something else is in the way. Read More

It’s Ok to Be Needy

Have you ever been convinced that because of how audacious your approach has been with God that somehow it was the same thing as being honest with Him?

I had this ah-huh moment recently concerning a prayer that I’m pretty sure I’ve prayed at least a million times. You know, it’s that prayer you offer with so much passion and fervor, and instead of it reaching heaven, it seems to hit the ceiling, bounce back, and smack you in the face?

Yes, that prayer.

You’ve tried bargaining, pleading, crying, and even giving up on this whole prayer business. And all the while you are convinced that your prayer is, well, honest. How could it not be? You’ve poured out your heart a billion times about how much this means to you, and how much you need for God to come through.

Sound familiar to any one? Read More

A Random Act of Kindness

It was a really cold Saturday afternoon in Chicago two weeks before Christmas, and I was doing what basically every other person in the city was doing–going Christmas shopping, of course.

On this particular December day it was so cold that literally every time you stepped out of your warm car or house you just wanted to swear. So, here I was getting out of my car, (insert curse word here)…I know, it’s terrible, but I blame it completely on the weather, I wasn’t built for the mid-west.

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How Will I Know?

Do we have any Whitney Houston fans in the house?

I mean how could you not? With iconic songs like, “I will always love you”, and “I have nothing”, it would be impossible not to belt it out, (with a lot less skill, of course).

Anyways, one of Whitney’s greatest songs called, “How Will I Know”, (which I’m sure you’re all going to have stuck in your head now), is about a girl trying to figure out if this guy she’s into, really loves her too.

I bet all of us could wave a hand and say a big “amen” along with Whitney as we recount instances where we have looked for external confirmations from others to settle our anxious hearts that we were loved by them. Whether that’s in our romantic relationships, friendships, or even families.

I would venture to say that most of us have felt either confident or doubtful about someone’s love for us depending on their behavior toward us. We are quick to determine someone’s internal affections by their outward actions…that’s only human.

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How to Rise Above

Now this may sound like a question for a group of kindergarten students, but have you ever wondered what the science is behind how some things float on water, and others do not?

If you have ever passed by a river in a bustling city or a busy marina, you probably would have seen plenty of empty plastic bags or bottles in the water that people have conveniently forgotten to put in the trash.

These items have one thing in common–they all float.

Before you think I’m insulting your intelligence, bear with me. I looked up the technical explanation for why some things float on water and others do not. It’s actually a bit more sophisticated than you would think.

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The Last Inning

It was the seventh game in the world series tonight, and since I now call the city of Chicago home, I thought it was my duty to at least watch one game.

Now, the Chicago Cubs have been underdogs for 108 years. (And we think we have it bad!) Yup, that’s right, they haven’t won the world series since 1908. Generations have come and gone in the city of Chicago without their baseball team finding victory.

So, I mean, no pressure.

Now, I’m definitely not qualified to speak intelligently on the topic of sports, but as I attempted to follow along, I watched as the score went from 6 to 3, with the Cubs in the lead, to a surprise 3 runs from Cleveland. For the next couple innings the looks on the faces from those in the stadium witnessing this gridlock 6 to 6 score looked like they were being tortured.

As the camera scanned the crowd, men had their heads buried in their baseball hats, young kids were tugging on their dad’s shirt asking what they thought was going to happen, and women were feverishly biting their nails.

I couldn’t help but laugh! I thought, who signs up for this torture!?

There is this journey that the game of baseball took millions of people on tonight, and there was no predicting what the final outcome would be. We could only grit down and watch with one eye open, hoping that the team we pledged allegiance to would bring it home.

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