Conversation Series


Over the last year I’ve noticed how much of my writing has been inspired by conversations with friends. As we sat around drinking our coffees we would inevitably begin sharing about our struggles, our joys, and how to think through some of life’s biggest decision-making-moments. It’s during these times that I’ve discovered seed-thoughts, so to speak, that have grown into so many of the articles I’ve shared on this platform.

I don’t know about you but I cannot fathom doing this life alone. It is so clear that we are made for community. To share in each other’s joys and sorrows. To laugh with each other, to comfort each other in the unknown, and the seeming unanswered questions and prayers. To sit in the tension together, and remind one another that we have a God on our side that will not, cannot let us down.

All that to say, these blog posts are dedicated to conversations I’ve had and will have with the people God has put in my world (which now include friends scattered all over the country). I’m also so excited to share that this page will also be dedicated to the writings of other gifted friends of mine that have so much wisdom and insight to share. In the spirit of community, how much better to celebrate than to invite my ridiculously gifted and wise friends to share their thoughts with us!

Click here to read Lisa Sliva’s article, Fear Drowns in Light




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