The Five Most Powerful Words

I haven’t been a counselor for very long but in the short time I’ve been practicing, the majority of clients I’ve worked with have endured some really traumatic experiences in their lives.

It never ceases to amaze me how we never know what another person has gone through. The lady checking you out at the grocery store, the business man in the three-piece suit that you pass on the street who appears to have it all together, the college student with stellar grades and a seeming thriving social life. Each one of them have stories that have left a mark on them, for better or worse.

As a person’s story unfolds before me, I’m always desperate for God to come and fill the space, my words, and my delivery with intentionality and wisdom. Although my education has equipped me with tools and techniques, I’m fully aware that only God can truly know the details and depths of another person’s experience. And with that “divine awareness”, so to speak, He alone knows what they need, and consequently what they don’t need. Read More


Are Your Standards Too High?

You know those articles, Facebook, or Instagram posts that are so personal and transparent that you literally hit post, publish, or submit with one eye open and then pray that it doesn’t sound like complete babble?

Well, I did exactly that when I submitted this article to share with the Grit and Virtue blog. I rarely share publicly about the inner workings of my romantic relationships, but this article just flowed out of my heart and I knew I needed to share it.

If just one person is encouraged not to lower their standards for someone or something they think is worth settling for, than my angst and worry over being so transparent in this post was worth it.

For those who haven’t had the chance to read it, here it is. 




Letting Go

As some of you may have known I’ve had the privilege from time to time to contribute articles to various Christian online publications. One publication that is near and dear to my heart is Propel Women. When I lived in California I worked closely with this organization, and I love dearly the amazing crew of people who serve so selflessly day in and day out so women all around the globe can have a real encounter with Jesus.

In case you missed my most recent article from Propel Women, click here to read about my battle with letting go, and how ultimately I lost…but that it was the best thing that ever happened to me.



A More Powerful Yes

It’s been a busy season to say the least.

It’s not uncommon that Friday arrives and I can’t even remember how I got there. It’s like when you’re so deep in thought while you’re driving that you get a case of auto-pilot amnesia or something (totally just made that up), and can’t even remember how you got to your destination.

I’m sure all of us have experienced busy seasons, or just busy lives, and like me, you discover how difficult it is to be present in the moment because of being distracted by the thing you need to do next. I’ve always been the type of person that wants to “do it all”.  I want to think that I have some special superpower where I can effectively do a million tasks and also have a thriving social life.

The thing is, it’s not the busyness necessarily that’s the problem, but it’s an overestimation of what I’m really designed and called to do because something else is in the way. Read More

Move Your Mountain

Has God ever talked back to you?

You were right in the middle of asking him to do something in your life, and He seems to cop an attitude, and cut you off mid-sentence?

Well, for some reason, I feel like this happens to me more often than it probably should. And every time it does I’m left scratching my head and determined to understand what God could mean by his interruption.

At one time or another I’m sure we’ve all referenced God as our “mountain mover”. As Christians it’s a normal phrase in our world. We hear it in our songs, our Sunday messages, and conversations with friends. So, per usual, I was praying one morning for God to move this particular mountain in my life, but was shocked when I received a radically different response than I expected.

The moment the words, “Lord, please move this mountain in my life”, rolled off my mind and into my prayer, I heard God shoot back with, “No, you move it.”

Umm, ahh, excuse me?

To which God said again, “You move it”.

In that moment I couldn’t imagine WHAT He could possibly mean. This “mountain” that I was referencing has been more of a thorn in my side. You know, the annoying companion you really want to get rid of but have no idea how? Read More

Hope or Fear: What’s it Gonna Be?

At this same time last year I was in a quandary of sorts.

I had been living in California for the last year and a half, and was two months shy of finishing my Counseling degree. For a year leading up to this point I had this mysterious but strong impression that something major was going to change in my circumstances that spring. But I had no clue what that would mean or what that change would look like.

I guess we could say that God was building my confidence in his sovereignty without letting me in on any of the details–which I’ve found to be his M.O. (insert side eyes here).

Now, for someone like me, when God gives an inkling of something exciting regarding the future without also providing the details, it’s like a parent who tells their child there’s hidden candy that’s been stashed away somewhere for them in their house, but they have no clue where–so in other words, absolute torture. Read More

3 Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Care

In the last six years of being a licensed Esthetician (which, just to clarify is not to be confused with a statistician or Obstetrician…yup, that’s happened), I have heard some pretty interesting skin care routine stories from clients.

I’ve heard everything from clients washing their face with acetone, to using hand sanitizer on their face throughout the day, because they were convinced it would help with their acne (to which I then considered referring them to me for counseling services).

All that to say, I thought it might be helpful to share 3 brief do’s and don’ts as it relates to the world of skin care, and some best and not-so-best practices. Read More