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I’m so glad you’re here! Writing has always been a favorite pastime of mine–a way to channel all the thoughts funneling through my mind at any given time, (I guess as a woman that comes with the territory). I am an east coast girl from Maryland, and to my surprise moved to Southern California two years ago now.

I never imagined that the plan of God would blow the sails of my little ship across the country to Orange County, California, of all places. Having lived as a missionary in Zambia, Africa, and done an extensive amount of traveling in third world countries, I was surprised to find that God wanted me in one of the most affluent areas in the United States.

How this all came about started in my last year of Graduate studies for counseling when I stumbled upon the very serious issue of Human Trafficking. Around the same time, I saw a post on social media about The A21 Campaign, and learned what they were doing to make a difference. Fast forward to spontaneously deciding to apply for an A21 internship, and a year and four months later, here I am–with new scenery, people, church, job and future.

It’s been two years since God led me to California, and just one month ago God opened a crazy and unexpected door to move to Chicago, Illinois. I had just graduated with a Masters in Biblical Counseling but needed some additional credits to be a licensed counselor. During a work visit to Chicago in April of 2016, a God-connection was made with the program director and counseling Director for Moody Theological Seminary. Scholarships were granted, homes were provided, and the rest is history.

So, here I am, from the sunny beaches of California to the busy city streets of Chicago.

You never know where the plan of God will lead, and there is an unmatched peace in being ok with not knowing exactly where you’re going. Why? Because you are confident in the character and intentions of the One who is leading you. The important thing is that we know HIM, and can rest knowing HE knows the desires of our heart, where we’re going, and how He’ll take us there.

Letting God lead, and walking at His pace is always worth it, no matter how dark and windy the road may appear. He promises that the narrow path leads to a place of great fulfillment. So here we are, walking this windy road together, and I hope in some way that these simple articles bring some hope and joy to your corner of the world!




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  1. Janelle Panico

    Hey Barbara! I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I’m writing to tell you how much of an impact you’ve just made on my night all the way from Rochester, NY! I’m pretty sure the last time I saw you was at Spring Rally many years ago and I remember thinking- man, this girl really loves Jesus. Little did I know I’d find your blog spontaneously while browsing social media! Your transparency is so refreshing. Seriously, the way you love the Lord and are honest about the ways he has worked in your life is incredible. I admire your heart in so many ways. There are so, so many challenging aspects of choosing to walk each step of life with God and I can honestly say the way you highlight God’s character through it all is incredible. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re reaching more people than you know!

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    1. Barbara Hill

      Hi Janelle!

      YES, I absolutely remember you! I am beyond blessed to read this! I love that you stumbled on my blog and that we can stay connected this way! Yes, it’s so true how challenging it can be to walk in-step with God..but the amazing thing I’ve learned is how much it’s worth it! There are so many lies about what you’ll “lose” or miss out on if you really get serious with God, but it’s truly the best decision we could ever make to stifle the lies and go after God with our whole heart!

      If you ever need anything, please feel free to email me! (barbshill@gmail.com)



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