Move Your Mountain

Has God ever talked back to you?

You were right in the middle of asking him to do something in your life, and He seems to cop an attitude, and cut you off mid-sentence?

Well, for some reason, I feel like this happens to me more often than it probably should. And every time it does I’m left scratching my head and determined to understand what God could mean by his interruption.

At one time or another I’m sure we’ve all referenced God as our “mountain mover”. As Christians it’s a normal phrase in our world. We hear it in our songs, our Sunday messages, and conversations with friends. So, per usual, I was praying one morning for God to move this particular mountain in my life, but was shocked when I received a radically different response than I expected.

The moment the words, “Lord, please move this mountain in my life”, rolled off my mind and into my prayer, I heard God shoot back with, “No, you move it.”

Umm, ahh, excuse me?

To which God said again, “You move it”.

In that moment I couldn’t imagine WHAT He could possibly mean. This “mountain” that I was referencing has been more of a thorn in my side. You know, the annoying companion you really want to get rid of but have no idea how? Read More